4 Reasons You’ll Have Hunter Hayes’ New Song “Rescue” On Loop

Hunter Hayes released a new song called “Rescue” yesterday, and we’re confident you’ll keep hitting that loop button. Here’s why:

1. That intro guitar lick

Hunter is a guitar phenom – as you recall, he played every instrument on his debut album himself – and the simple electric intro to “Rescue” will hook you from the first notes.

2. It’s a jam

Hayes has always had a knack for delivering a windows-down jam (“Storm Warning,” anyone?) and “Rescue” has all the makings, starting sparse and building to a steady-rolling anthem. In fact, “Rescue” is a co-write with Gordie Sampson and busbee, his co-writers on “Storm Warning.”

3. It’s deep

Even though it’s got a great groove, Hayes doesn’t skimp when it comes to the lyric. “It’s not a prison, it’s not a demon, it’s not a sin / No, it’s a state of mind I find myself in,” he begins. And as uptempo as the chorus is, it digs deep: “When the sky gets too dark, when the water gets too deep / When I feed the fire so much that I can’t even take the heat / If I ever run too far, and when the pieces come unglued / The mess of me will always need the best of you / Rescue.”

4. It’s a fresh sound from the artist, while still retaining classic HH roots 

“Rescue” perfectly blends the sonic elements and styles that made Hayes a favorite: a sonically complex offering that showcases his strong musicianship, paired with some newer elements that accent the song well (listen for the string section).