Adam Craig Impresses with Vulnerable Single, “Just a Phase”

Photo by Jason Myers

Adam Craig’s latest single off of his debut self-titled EP, Just a Phase, is impressive in its honest lyricism, melodic feel, and vocal splendor. The song’s bluesy melody and opening lines inspire a candlelit night with a glass of red wine as one’s only companion. “I’m just a phase you’re going through,” Craig sings. “Someday soon, baby, you’re gonna wake up and see / There ain’t never gonna be a forever for you and me.

While a “you’re too good for me” mentality can certainly wreak havoc on a relationship, Craig uses the sentiment as a way to cherish the moments he has with his loved one and also prepares for the inevitable goodbye: “You’re gonna look back and smile that you got hooked on a guy like me for a little while.” The song is self-deprecating but surprisingly sweet, effectively praising his love interest while having the maturity to avoid a pity-laden, “woe is me” attitude. 

Penned by Craig, Jim Beavers, and Lindsay Rimes, “Just a Phase” is vulnerable and real, perfectly showcasing Craig’s rich vocal talent and ability to connect with his audience. The song impacts radio on February 6.

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