Alex Hall Hosts Intimate Nashville Show at Layman Drug Company

“We’re all friends here!” Alex Hall proclaimed as he grinned at a sea of familiar faces at Layman Drug Company on Friday night. Despite the chilly November weather, an impressive gathering of friends and fans crammed into the eclectic performance space for the the rising artist’s pop-up show. Overstuffed couches, warm lighting, and Hall’s friendly personality added to the cozy vibe.

The 45-minute set was the perfect introduction to Hall’s artistry. Beginning with his newest single “Homesick,” Hall took us through a fast-paced performance that featured a full band but still managed to bring everything back to an acoustic level. “It’s neat to go back and hear everything again the way it sounded when we wrote it,” Hall commented between songs.

Hall’s music has a strong, bright sound, reminiscent of John Mayer in his Room for Squares era mixed with a little bit of country. Later in the set, Hall actually mentioned Mayer’s influence on him, and covered “Edge of Desire,” sans band. Hall’s “it-factor” is the way he puts all of the energy in his body into every note, and is a true performer through and through. Keep an eye out for new music too, as he’s constantly writing new songs.

Check out more about Alex Hall on his website and social media outlets.