April Fools: Best Country Tour Pranks

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It doesn’t have to be April Fool’s day for country artists to tap into their inner jokester. On the road, almost any day is fair game for artists to prank their fellow tour mates. In honor of today’s ‘holiday,’ here are a few of our favorite pranks that have taken place amongst artists in the genre.

Sam Hunt’s drummer pranks guitarist 

Photo courtesy of Tyrone Carreker's Instagram
Photo courtesy of Tyrone Carreker’s Instagram


Sam Hunt’s band is exceptionally tall. Hunt’s drummer, Joshua Lockridge lowered guitarist Joshua Burkett (the only one in the group not 6’4″ or 6’5″)’s seat, so that he sat significantly closer to the ground than his fellow band members. This Instagram captures the hilarious moment when Burkett (left) realized the joke.

Taylor Swift pranks Keith Urban 

On the 2009 Escape Together World Tour, Taylor Swift and her bandmates dressed up in full on KISS costumes and stormed the stage during Urban’s performance of “Kiss a Girl.” Swift’s costume was so well executed that she may have positioned herself for a second career as a member of a KISS tribute band.

Carrie Underwood Pranks Hunter Hayes 

On the 2013 Blown Away tour, right around the time that the goat version of Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” made its way around the internet, Underwood’s crew rigged the screens such that a screaming goat appeared when Hunter sang the chorus of “You Light Me Up.” Needless to say Hayes took ‘being goat-ed’ in stride.

Tim McGraw pranks Luke Bryan

Tim McGraw sent a group of burly crew men dressed in cut off jeans and crop tops to dance around Bryan in the middle of his performance for “Country Girl (Shake it for me).” The scene plays out like the music video for Maddie & Tae’s “Girl in a Country Song.”

Brad Paisley pranks Blake Shelton

Though Paisley and Shelton both could be considered the comedic kings of country music, Paisley edged out a victory over Shelton in the prank department. When the two were on tour together, Paisley replaced the contents of an air freshener on Shelton’s bus with a piece of raw chicken. Unsurprisingly, the chicken went unnoticed, and after a few days, the smell on the bus was so horrendous that it rendered the bus inhabitable. Out of necessity, Blake and his crew finally discovered the culprit of the smell. One can only imagine the words that Shelton had for Paisley after that prank!