Artist Interview: Olivia Lane Beams With New Single “Make My Own Sunshine”


If you haven’t heard Olivia Lane’s newest single, “Make My Own Sunshine,” it’s a song that can turn any bad day around. We caught up with Lane last week right before the release of the video for the song. She told us about the inspiration behind the song, her plans for the summer and what is coming next in her career.

Lane wrote “Make My Own Sunshine” with Jim Beavers and Ilya Toshinskiy. Wanting to put her own spin on the concept, Lane decided that this could be her anthem. Beavers asked her during the write if anyone had ever told her that she was very “sunshiney.” Taking off and running with that idea, “Make My Own Sunshine” was born. If you have ever gotten the chance to see Lane perform whether live or in one of her videos, it is easy to tell that the word sunshine absolutely describes her personality. “After about three hours we came up with this uptempo fun amazing song, and on a deeper level I kind of hope that it reminds people that we all have bad days we all have days that totally feel like life is against us and looking for a silver lining of a smile and looking for the joy in life is totally in our control,” she explains.  “We can decide if we are going to let life defeat us today or am I going to just live and be happy. So I hope that the song helps people get through a tough time.” Check out her hand annotated lyric sheet she did exclusively for The Shotgun Seat below:

Olivia Lane Hand Annotated Lyrics

Constantly writing new songs whenever she is in town, Lane tells us, “I finally feel  like I am stumbling into the writers now that want to see me succeed; they get my brain and they are helping me out so I feel like I am in a great place now.” She hopes to release her debut album very soon, cutting ten tracks in the last three months.

Her plans for the summer besides writing for the album are to heavily tour the country. She hopes to release a new EP as well. Having a grasp on her place in the music industry, Lane explains, “Every single we put out takes me to the next level and the numbers continue to grow pretty rapidly so I think it’s going to be a slow build and I’m okay with that.”

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