Ashley Monroe Releases “Paying Attention” from Forthcoming LP ‘Sparrow’

You’ll want to pay attention to Ashley Monroe’s latest release (“Paying Attention”) off of her forthcoming Dave Cobb-produced LP Sparrow, due out April 20th. This, along with lead single “Hands on You” are any indication of what’s to come, we are surely in for an exceptional collection of songs.

While “Hands on You” was sultry and sexy, “Paying Attention” is a lamenting ballad that will capture you from the very first verse. It’s a traditional country love song that beautifully describes the deep sorrow and regret felt after losing someone and then realizing the value in what you once had. The video for “Paying Attention” was filmed in Historic RCA Studio A and features a pregnant Monroe looking relaxed and comfortable while working out the vocals to the song.

Key Lyrics: “You promised I’d miss you when you walked away / You were right when you told me I’d be sorry someday / Well, I’m paying attention to you / Oh now, I’m paying attention to you.”

Pre-order Sparrow via her website. For updates on Ashley Monroe follow her on her socials: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.