Whenever you’re preparing to break into a very saturated industry you’re really trying to differentiate yourself. It’s almost impossible to predict what’s going to be popular in 2015 or 2016. And that’s where “Be Yourself With Me” came from. We can only do what we like. We hope to be on the cutting edge but we can’t guarantee it so we’re just trying to do what we like!

The song’s original creator, songwriter, queen Caitlyn Smith released a video accompanying her flawless rendition of the song late yesterday. The Nashville songstress is found in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse scene pouring our her heart and soul (and perfect vocal) over an acoustic guitar.

The release of newcomer J. Michael Harter’s “Ride On” is upon us and we have your first listen and review of the EP. Those of you already familiar with his single “Holy Cowgirl” will find no surprises here. There’s no fluff, just good solid country which is exactly what we expected from Harter. The EP is comprised of six tracks plus two bonus.