Ben Danaher Releases Raw and Genuine ‘Still Feel Lucky’ LP

One listen to Ben Danaher’s new album, Still Feel Lucky – out last Friday – will turn any doubter into an instant fan. Although this is his first full length release since 2013, Danaher proves right out of the gate that he has returned with a bang.

The 11-song album opens strong with “Hell or High Water,” which beams with rock elements. The track was co-written by Danaher and rising superstar Maren Morris, and was released as one of the lead singles off the project (along with “Jesus Can See You,” “My Father’s Blood,” and “Still Feel Lucky”). Check out Danaher performing an acoustic version of “Hell or High Water” below:

As the album progresses, you can hear the versatility of Danaher’s voice. “Silver Screen” is a slow-tempo love song with Americana elements and beautiful harmonies. “My Father’s Blood” is an acoustic tribute to a father’s irreplaceable love, featuring delicate piano and intimate acoustic guitar.

“Fred and Jones” and “Little While” stand out as traditional country tunes on the album, while the title track takes an upbeat turn with a catchy chorus:”You can hurt and still feel lucky.” Watch an acoustic version of “Still Feel Lucky” below:

Other standouts on the album are “Time Never Moves Slower” and “Silver Lining,” both of which display the raw characteristic of Danaher’s voice. The album ends with “Over That Mountain,” a hopeful piano and strings-heavy country song in which Danaher sings: “Over that mountain, the one in my dreams, I see the time is the only thing standing between you and me.”

Still Feel Lucky Track List:
1. Hell or Highwater (Maren Morris, Ben Danaher)
2. Silver Screen (Justin Halpin, Ben Danaher)
3. Jesus Can See you (Drew Kennedy, Josh Grider, Ben Danaher)
4. My Father’s Blood (Erik Dylan, Ben Danaher)
5. Fred & Jonell (Ben Danaher)
6. Still Feel Lucky (Dustin Christensen, Ben Danaher)
7. A Little While (Marti Dodson, Ben Danaher)
8. Time Never Moves Slower (Kristen Reilly, Ben Danaher)
9. Getting Over Someone (Kristen Kelly, Ben Danaher)
10. Silver Living (Kristen Reilly, Ben Danaher)
11. Over That Mountain (Chris Gelbuda, Ben Danaher)

Danaher continues his fall tour through October, making two stops in Nashville this Thursday and Friday at 3rd & Lindsley Bar and Grill. See all tour dates here.