Blackberry Smoke Deliver Southern Rock Masterpiece ‘Like an Arrow’


Often compared to the Allman Brothers (Band) and Lynyrd Skynyrd, Blackberry Smoke surely know how to deliver beautifully nostalgic southern rock music to their loyal fans. Their fifth studio album Like an Arrow, released October 14th, is no exception. The album, which the band produced themselves, is truly a work of rock art with sprinkles of blues-inspired ballads and old school Americana that makes the overall product undeniably authentic.

Like an Arrow opens confidently with the lead single, “Waiting for the Thunder,” effectively epitomizing the rock sound Blackberry Smoke is known for. The rest of the album is groovy and fun with standout tracks such as “Let it Burn” that is made for dancing and anthemic “Workin’ for a Workin’ Man” whose instrumentals and lead singer Charlie Starr’s gritty vocals bring a unique edge to the album.

In celebration of the album release, the band performed an acoustic set on Friday, October 13th at Nashville’s The Basement. The crowd was filled with avid fans who packed the room to capacity, soaking in the band’s soulful tunes. While the venue needs no help feeling intimate, the artists’ vocals and simple guitar backing brought fans closer to each song in a way that only these intimate settings can. Both the album and the show come to a close with “Free on the Wing,” a song dedicated to the complicated journey of life, which features Gregg Allman himself.

Crafted with care and undeniable passion, Like an Arrow is a southern rock masterpiece that is easy to love. You can now purchase the album on iTunes. For more information on Blackberry Smoke and their music, visit