Brad Paisley Releases Poem-Turned-Song “Gold All Over The Ground” Ahead of Album

Brad Paisley’s new album, Love and War comes out at the end of this week. A few days ago, the superstar released another song from the project: “Gold All Over The Ground,” which stuns as a sweet heartfelt, moment on the album. The song has interesting origins, marking a first for Paisley; the lyrics come from a poem written by the one and only Johnny Cash. The track includes brief audio segments of Cash’s voice, introducing and talking about his wife June. (The audio opens with Cash describing June as “the one I need.”)

The poem was first published in Cash’s book, Forever Words, and is an ode to June – fifty years later, you can still feel the bond between the two. The song’s message rings out clear as Paisley sings about his hopes and dreams for his love’s future life. The smooth melodies are complemented by Paisley’s standout vocals and soft acoustic guitar. Paisley sings: “Your trails would be downhill / A soft breeze at your back / Your skies full of diamonds / Your nights would not be black / Yes, you would really love it / Then if you’re ever down / I’d give you rows of roses / And gold all over the ground.”
The breathtakingly beautiful song ends with Cash calling June “Not only the lady who I shared a life with, but she may have been the person responsible for me still being alive, she and God.” Grab your tissues and listen to “Gold All Over The Ground” below: