Brandon Lay Described Your High School Summer Perfectly in “Speakers, Bleachers and Preachers”

It could be tempting to expect Brandon Lay’s new single, “Speakers, Bleachers and Preachers,” to be another song relying on clichéd southern imagery. But instead, the Tennessee native, along with co-writers Shane McAnally and Luke Laird, offer lyrics both refreshing and nostalgic. From hanging out in a Kroger parking lot to Black & Mild cigars on the dash (“if daddy asks, they ain’t mine”), the lyrics are specific and relatable without relying on the more generic images that’ve come to haunt country’s hallways. “82 degrees on the bank sign,” Lay reflects. Though it could be a typical southern summer that he presents, “Speakers, Bleachers and Preachers” feels incredibly specific, which makes it all the more compelling.

“Growing up my life revolved around sports and church with Country music always coming through the speakers,” Lay, who co-wrote every song on his debut album, shares in a release. “My dad is a preacher and my mom was a teacher, so if we weren’t at church, or school, we were playing football, baseball or basketball.” 

Lay’s vocal is engaging throughout, and fits smoothly over the mid-tempo groove the track presents. “Speakers, Bleachers and Preachers” leans “American Kids” and “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16” (both McAnally writes, the former of which Laird was also a collaborator on), it feels fresh and interesting, and plants Lay solidly among those to watch.

Grab the single on iTunes and stream below.