Brandon Ray Releases Video for Steamy New Single “Small Talkin'”

Brandon Ray is easily one of the most talented young artists making music today, and his latest single has the potential to be huge. From the very beginning of “Small Talkin,’” Ray sets his listeners up for the seductive, first-person confession to follow, and then pulls us in with sultry vocals that instantly make us melt before he’s even finished the first verse. Ray wrote the track with Jessica Mitchell and Jon Mabe, and the lyrics are so steamy they would probably make Marvin Gaye blush. The singer’s newest release takes the intimacy of songs like Billy Currington’s “Must Be Doin’ Something Right” and Dierks Bentley’s “Come a Little Closer,” adds the tender but passionate energy of some of Motown’s finest, and then cranks up Ray’s unique, Americana twang to deliver a seriously romantic slow jam.

Reminiscent of a combination of John Mellencamp and Al Green, the West Texas native’s naturally soulful country sound is a result of Ray’s distinct ability to effortlessly blend his rock & roll and Motown influences with his love for the country genre. And just when you think “Small Talkin’” can’t get any better, Ray wows us with swoon-worthy high notes. While the singer-songwriter’s last single, “Ends of the Earth” was fantastic, “Small Talkin’” is the kind of song that packs potential to be a massive hit. If country radio is smart, they’ll jump on this song now and keep it going until it reaches #1!