Brothers Osborne Take “Stay A Little Longer” to Radio

A little spring-cleaning is much needed after a stagnant period of similar songs at radio, and Brothers Osborne are definitely a breath of fresh air.

Brothers Osborne, a duo made up of lead singer T.J. Osborne and guitarist, John Osborne, hit radio with their new single “Stay A Little Longer,” which got one of only three standing ovations given when they performed it at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium during a Country Radio Seminar showcase. Their single “Rum,” released last year, hit the charts as part of the Top 30; however, this one is predicted to exceed expectations of both the charts and the audience.

Both John and T. J. agree that working with Jay Joyce, the man behind the production of “Stay A Little Longer,” has challenged as well as stretched their musical ability and their potential. Jay “was able to get something out of me that I don’t think anyone else can,” John told Rolling Stone.

The story line of the song resonates directly with the audience, describing what really happens, not what every guy wants to happen. The set up of the scene is electrifying and engaging – “tearing t-shirts off each other”– and then ends with the heartbreaking hook, “And I’m here wishin’ you could stay a little longer.” The song holds both depth and sincerity while bouncing along to a melody that you will catch yourself humming hours later.

Brothers Osborne pride themselves on being artists that stay true to their music, their look, and their message. There are great things to come for the hot duo, including hitting the road again with Eric Church this month, and touring amphitheaters this summer with Darius Rucker, Brett Eldredge, and A Thousand Horses.

Their single can be purchased on iTunes as well as streamed on Spotify. Be sure to keep your eyes and ears open for more music from Brothers Osborne, because unlike some of the “big hit songs that no one is going to listen to 10 years from now,” John and T. J. want their music to stay a little longer.