Brothers Osborne’s New “Shoot Me Straight” is an Undeniable Jam

There’s no denying the talent and unique sound of Brothers Osborne, who since the release of their breakout single “Rum” in 2014, have managed to bring a little bit more of that classic country sound back to the genre. Thanks to the deep, baritone vocals of T.J. and the smoking guitar skills of John, this CMA and ACM award-winning country duo have proven there is a place for their distinct blend of bluesy, pop rock that is firmly planted in country roots (despite their East Coast upbringing) in today’s widely diverse genre. The duo’s singles so far have been well received at country radio, and they’re finally back with a long-awaited new single, cowritten with Lee Thomas Miller.

Upon first listen, it’s easy to see why fans would find “Shoot Me Straight” so appealing. It’s gritty, toe-tappin’, whiskey-fueled, guitar-driven country that screams, “CRANK ME UP TO 11!” However, after 2 ½ minutes of boot stomping, the full length song offers a 4 minute jam session that leaves the listener feeling slightly confused and requires more listening stamina than typical radio singles. For the average radio listener, “Shoot Me Straight,” may not have the quick-hit characteristics to catapult it to #1, but for die-hard Brothers Osborne fans (of whom there are many), the song is a celebration of their talent and affinity for musicianship and total jam sessions. It’s unquestionably a great song, but it will be interesting to see how it does on the charts if and when a radio edit comes along.