Cam’s New Single “Diane” is 2017’s Answer to “Jolene”

Following the immense success of Cam’s debut album Untamed, she has returned with a statement-making sophomore single titled “Diane,” co-written with Jeff Bhasker and Tyler Johnson. From the arresting a cappella harmonies of the first few lines to the rolling rhythms of the chorus, the track is emphatic, catchy, and honest. Cam sings from the perspective of the other woman – the one seduced by a married sleaze-ball without a clue who she’s hurting by going home with him.

The title and pleading emotional theme harken Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene,” but “Diane” feels modern and refreshing – and of course, flips “Jolene”‘s point of view around to look through the opposite lens. Perhaps the song’s most surprising overall message is one of camaraderie – the lyrics acknowledge the sins committed, but ultimately beg Diane to ditch the dude and join the other woman on a search to find men who recognize their worth.

Key Lyrics: You can blame me if it helps, that’s what a good wife would do / But you’re only cheating yourself, choosing him over the truth / And all those nights that he’s given to me / I wish that I could give them back to you.