Canaan Smith Releases Rocking New Single “Like You That Way”

The latest release from Canaan Smith, available today, is a rocking, feel-good song written with Brett James and Jesse Frasure.  “Like You That Way” is the irresistible story of the guy who falls for the “bad” girl – the one with the tattoos who doesn’t follow the crowd and marches to her own drum.  Smith explained the inspiration for the song during an interview with the U.K.’s Your Life In A Song. During the interview, which he referenced his wife’s confidence (and her tattoo), and uses Miranda Lambert as a prime example of a woman who knows who she is. Smith goes on to explain that he thinks it’s a song that will resonate with many women.

Key Lyrics: “You’re an original in a world that’s so digital / You’re the analog baby you make the others invisible / Yeah, you’re the kinda girl I wanna write songs about / Just put you on my mixtape babe and turn you up loud.”

Watch Smith play “Like You That Way” in an acoustic performance below.

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