Carly Pearce’s “I Need A Ride Home” is “The House That Built Me” Style Nostalgia

Carly Pearce has been releasing some top-notch ballad material from her debut LP, Every Little Thing, and today’s track “I Need A Ride Home” is no exception. Written by Ashley Gorley, Matt Jenkins, and Hillary Lindsey, the song is perfectly emotive and nostalgic, and Pearce’s vocal hits the emotional sweet spot just right.

“I need a ride home / To that little town where I’ll always be 16 years old / I need a two lane, can’t pass, foot on the gas / Go real slow / A little magic, little static on the radio / Mom and Daddy sittin’ on the front porch, wavin’ hello / Yeah, I need a ride home.”

The lyric is simple and evocative, matching Pearce’s performance perfectly. Put this one on for those late night drive feels and hometown nostalgia.