Cassadee Pope’s “I Am Invincible” Is a Convincing Power Anthem


Cassadee Pope has been somewhat of a dark horse among country women acts. After taking home first place on the reality TV show The Voice and a stellar debut single “Wasting All These Tears,” she managed to fade into the background thanks to lukewarm reception for her first album Frame by Frame. It was somewhat surprising, since Pope’s pure vocal power is practically unmatched among the genre’s female singers.

It makes sense, then, that Pope is kicking off her sophomore effort with the dynamic first single “I Am Invincible” (impacting radio today). On this track, written by Brett Boyett and Nash Overstreet, Pope blends the simplicity of country ballads with the sheer force of a self-affirming pop rock hit.

The beginning of this track is a little gimmicky, recalling the whispered spoken-word intros of late 90’s/early 2000s pop songs. Still, it sets the audience up: “For my girls, the fighters, the warriors.” We know right from this start that “I Am Invincible” is a powerful girl anthem, but with a little twang thrown in the instrumental to keep it country. It’s like a softer version of Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter” (and yes, that song fits the early 2000s pop song criteria with the whispered intro).

Once “I Am Invincible” begins to take off, it soars. It’s been said before, but damn, Pope can sing. When she hits her highest note right before the final chorus, it’s glass-shattering and beautiful. Pope’s voice is strong, even on her softest notes. The lyrics she sings are pretty straightforward. In fact, there’s nothing “I Am Invincible” is doing here that’s unique, but it works in the singer’s favor. It’s not so much an artistic statement as it is a platform for Pope to showcase her abilities. Overall, it’s a great first reintroduction to a talented singer—something the genre is in dire need of these days.