CCMA Awards Recap: Winners and Thoughts


*Please note that I have only included core categories, there are probably around 30 categories total*

Fans’ Choice Award: Johnny Reid

Male Artist of the Year: Gord Bamford

Female Artist of the Year: Jesse Moskaluke

Group or Duo of the Year: The Small Town Pistols

Rising Star: Tim Hicks

Roots Artist or Group of the Year: Lindi Ortega

Interactive Artist of the Year: Brett Kissel

Album of the Year: Dean Brody, Crop Circles

Song of the Year: “Mine Would Be You” written by Deric Ruttan, Connie Harrington and Jessi Alexander; Performed by Blake Shelton

Single of the Year: “When Your Lips Are So Close” by Gord Bamford

Producer of the Year: Joey Moi (for Tippin’ Point EP by Dallas Smith)



  • I find Gord Bamford to be very overrated. From what I’ve heard out of him, nothing outside of the excellent “My Daughters’ Father” has caught my attention. I’m especially baffled by the love “When Your Lips Are So Close” has received. What is so damn special about that song? I won’t even begin to talk about the absolutely terrible “Where a Farm Used to Be”…
  • Dean Brody’s album of the year win was well earned. Crop Circles is a fine album and without a doubt the best album nominated.
  • “Mine Would Be You” winning song is another well earned win. Great song, and was really (along with Brody’s “Bounty”) the only song deserving. Also included in this category were “When Your Lips Are So Close” and “Hell Raisin’ Good Time.” Are you freaking kidding me?
  • Tim Hicks for rising star I can live with. His sophomore album showed tremendous artistic growth and I have enjoyed his body of work so far, despite a handful of clunkers (“Get By” and “I Got a Feeling” come to mind).
  • Joey Moi and Tippin’ Point EP for producer of the year… OK, that’s fine. Bit too glossy, bit too loud, but on a whole not too bad at all.
  • I try to like Johnny Reid, but I just can’t. 99% of his stuff is unbearable simply because his voice is by far my least favorite voice in music. I love Kip Moore’s rasp, hell, I can deal with Brantley Gilbert and Tyler Farr just fine. But saying Reid’s voice is like nails on a chalk board to me is a huge understatement. Sorry, don’t see the appeal.
  • Tebey, Autumn Hill and Chad Brownlee got snubbed completely. These were three of the strongest artists in 2014 for Canada, both commercially and artistically. And the three of them combine for zero awards. *sigh*
  • Overall, it’s a pretty disappointing group of winners. For a country that produced some brilliant stuff, these winners are not up to snuff. Not an accurate representation of Canadian country in 2014 in the slightest.