Charlie Worsham Previews ‘Beginning of Things’ with Five Diverse Tracks

Charlie Worsham recently announced his new record Beginning of Things, due April 21, and immediately began teasing new music. Beginning of Things is Worsham’s sophomore follow-up to 2013’s Rubberband, and the new project was co-produced by Frank Liddell, Eric Masse and Arturo Buenahora, Jr.

The varied preview set includes the title track, written by Donovan Woods and Abe Stoklasa. The complex lyrics tell the main character’s story from multiple angles: his fizzling young love, his difficult marriage, his strained relationship with his daughter. The theme is, essentially, that he runs away when the shiny newness of beginnings wears off with time, revealing hardships and obstacles: “With her half-painted porch and rusty gold ring / He only likes the beginning of things.” The melody and lilting, layered guitar and horns are effectively heartwrenching, and Worsham’s vocal delivery is piercing but never overdone.

“Old Time’s Sake,” the seventh track from the record, was written with Brent Cobb and Jeremy Spillman. It’s a throwback of sorts, sweetly suggesting that romance be done differently in the name of tradition and forgotten manners: “But I ain’t here fishing, I’m just kind of wishing, to try something new for old time’s sake.” “Southern by the Grace of God” offers a similar nostalgic note, but boasts bubbly, jam-worthy production. Worsham wrote the ode to Delta drawls and howling hound dogs with Luke Dick and Shane McAnally, and it successfully adds a lighthearted element to the collection of tracks.

“Call You Up” is a groovy breakup track written by Abe Stoklasa and Daniel Tashien, featuring moody horns and nonchalant-yet-cutting lyrics: “Just to say what’s up, I thought about you out of the blue / I’m gonna call you up if I ever get over you.” The album’s lead single, “Cut Your Groove,” is an upbeat, confident song about finding a place in the world, without any overdone cliches. Written by Worsham and Oscar Charles, the song is catchy and universally motivating, despite the frequent – and always tasteful – musical metaphors (“The world keeps spinnin’ like an old Victrola … Life is a record baby cut your groove”).

Collectively, the songs offer a wide range of sounds and themes, but all showcase Worsham’s artistry and musicianship. Pre-order Beginning of Things here, and see the full track listing below:

Beginning of Things

1. Pants (Jeff Hyde)
2. Please People Please (Charlie Worsham, Ryan Tyndell)
3. Southern By The Grace of God (Charlie Worsham, Luke Dick, Shane McAnally)
4. Call You Up (Abe Stoklasa, Daniel Tashien)
5. Lawn Chair Don’t Care (Charlie Worsham, Brent Cobb, Ryan Tyndell)
6. Only Way To Fly (Charlie Worsham, Brent Cobb, Ryan Tyndell)
7. Old Time’s Sake (Charlie Worsham, Jeremy Spillman, Brent Cobb)
8. Cut Your Groove (Charlie Worsham, Oscar Charles)
9. I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Charlie Worsham, Ryan Tyndell, Billy Montana)
10. Beginning Of Things (Abe Stoklasa, Donovan Woods)
11. Birthday Suit (Luke Dick, Jason Lehning)
12. I-55 (Charlie Worsham, Ben Hayslip)
13. Take Me Drunk (Charlie Worsham, Ryan Tyndell, Steve Bogard)