Charlie Worsham Sends Optimistic Single “Cut Your Groove” to Radio


Earlier this year, singer-songwriter Charlie Worsham released five tracks from his forthcoming album Beginning of Things, due April 21. The lead single, “Cut Your Groove,” headed to radio earlier this week. The track was written by Worsham and Oscar Charles, and offers encouraging lyrics with a just-go-for-it message about making a mark on the world, and artfully utilizes a vinyl metaphor throughout the song. The production is appropriately upbeat and joyful, featuring horns that accent but never overpower, and the track nicely contrasts the more understated vibe of Worsham’s other work.

Key Lyrics:A lot of the time you’re gonna be on top / But when you fall off the charts, don’t let it stop you / Cause part of the charm is the crack on a pop and a hiss.

Beginning of Things will be released next week, and Worsham has started touring with Brandy Clark in support of the album. Find show information here.