Chris Young Turns Up The Heat with “Losing Sleep”

It’s been a while since we’ve heard new music from Chris Young, but his new single “Losing Sleep” is worth the wait. Make sure your air conditioning is working, because this one breaks into steamier territory than Young usually covers.

Co-written with frequent collaborators Chris DeStefano (“Aw Naw”) and Josh Hoge (“Think of You” with Cassadee Pope, “I’m Comin’ Over”), “Losing Sleep” is the first single from Young’s next full-length album (release date TBA). Although Young usually chooses lyrics that are a little more tame, the chorus of “Losing Sleep” lays it all out there:

Key Lyrics: Let me breathe the air you breathe, I can take you anywhere you wanna be / Every touch is something special when we’re wrapped up in those sheets.

And that’s just one example. (Whew!) To build anticipation for the single drop, Young started a countdown on social media ten days ago and included teasers of the song. “Losing Sleep” was released at midnight on May 12. It’ll be fun to see if breaking into new lyrical territory is a theme for the upcoming album.

Enjoy “Losing Sleep” on iTunes, or listen on Spotify below: