Christian Lopez Announces Sophomore Album, Releases Cheerful Single “Swim the River”

The West Virginia native announced his sophomore LP, Red Arrow, due Sept 22. Lead single “Swim the River” was written with Jordan Lawhead and offers an earnest, optimistic perspective on a relationship. The track’s overall sound harkens back to traditional country – we dare you not to smile when you hear the fiddle and banjo – but the track still feels current and relatable, with soaring instrumentation and lighthearted lyrics that illustrate a hopeful message to a love interest. (Listen for the album title artfully hidden in the bridge: “I’m not good at aiming but I’m taking every shot, pointing my red arrow at your heart.”)

Lopez’s 2015 debut record Onward was produced by Dave Cobb, and the songs were largely written by Lopez himself at home in West Virginia. This time around, Lopez has expanded his arsenal of collaborators – Red Arrow boasts an impressive list of cowriters including Liz Longley, Billy Montana, Tofer Brown, and was produced by Marshall Altman.

Key Lyrics: “I’m not good at joking but I’m good at cracking ice / So kick your shoes up on the bank and jump right in / Lady take me by the hand, you know I’m doing what I gotta do to make you understand / Lady I give it all I can, I swear I’d swim the river up and back if it’d make me your man.” 

Full Red Arrow Track List:

1. Swim The River (Christian Lopez & Jordan Lawhead)
2. 1972 (Christian Lopez, Marshall Altman & Dylan Altman)
3. Don’t Wanna Say Goodnight (Christian Lopez, Gabe Dixon & Marshall Cunningham)
4. Silver Line (Christian Lopez, Jordan Lawhead & Dave Berg)
5. Someday (Christian Lopez & Marshall Altman)
6. Say Goodbye (Christian Lopez, Marshall Altman, Liz Longley & Jabe Beyer)
7. All The Time (Christian Lopez & Billy Montana)
8. Mexico (Christian Lopez & Tofer Brown)
9. Steel On The Water (Christian Lopez)
10. Caramel (feat. Kenneth Pattengale of Milk Carton Kids) (Christian Lopez)
11. Still On Its Feet (Christian Lopez, Josh Williams & Mindy Smith)

Red Arrow will be released via Blaster Records. Find more information about Lopez, including socials, via his website.