• Clayton Anderson Delivers Fresh Country-Pop on ‘Only to Borrow’ EP


    Indiana native Clayton Anderson released his six-track Only to Borrow EP on November 25. The project is fresh, pop-tinged country that combines small town themes with slightly more big time production. The live-in-the-moment title track stands out, embedding catchy contradictions (chase vs. follow, hold on vs. let go) in its chorus:

    Some nights you chase, some nights you follow / Hold on to me, let go tomorrow / When it all ends, don’t feel no sorrow / Ain’t meant to last, only to borrow.”

    “All Over the Map” is sweet and romantic, and “In the Dark” is infectious, a tale of undercover love for which the production is reminiscent of Thomas Rhett’s hit “Crash and Burn.” On his third major project, Anderson delivers a collection of radio-friendly, well-executed tracks.

    Anderson recently wrapped up his “In the Dark” tour, and currently has back-to-back Indianapolis shows planned for 2017.