• ‘Country Faith Volume 2’ Proves To Be A Perfect Faith-Based Holiday Gift


    Deborah Evans Price, award-winning journalist and author, is set to release Country Faith Volume 2, the fourth album in the popular Country Faith series, on November 18th.  The new album will be released to Christian and mainstream retail and digital outlets via World Entertainment and Curb Records.  The faith-based project includes songs from Luke Bryan, Michael Ray, George Strait, Brad Paisley, Dolly Parton, LeAnn Rimes, Wynonna, Brooks & Dunn, Wade Hayes and many others.  The first installment of the series, Country Faith, included a book and accompanying CD and was released in 2013. The book is a collection of conversations with 56 country stars about their faith and favorite bible verses, featuring stories and descriptions from the artists, and the album charted in the top 10 on iTunes.  Following the first edition’s success, Deborah Evans Price released a second book-and-CD set titled Country Faith Christmas.  A third installment in the music series, Country Faith Hymns was released in the spring of 2016.

    The newest addition, Country Faith Volume 2, leads off with a Luke Bryan track titled “Pray About Everything.” It’s a song reminding listeners to do just that – remember to pray about not only the big, troublesome issues but also the small, seemingly insignificant things life throws at you. Its chorus echoes the title: ” Don’t worry ’bout nothing, let it go, see what tomorrow brings / Don’t worry ’bout nothing, pray about everything.”

    The poignant, beautiful “When I Get Where I’m Going” by Brad Paisley featuring Dolly Parton, is also included on the album and perfectly captures the theme of the project. The lyrics touch on many questions and struggles, including what true faith means:

    “So much pain and so much darkness, in this world we stumble through / All these questions I can’t answer, so much work to do / But when I get where I’m going, and I see my maker’s face / I’ll stand forever in the light of his amazing grace / Yeah when I get where I’m going, there’ll be only happy tears / Hallelujah, I will love and have no fear // When I get where I’m going, yeah, when I get where I’m going.”

    We recently spoke with Evans Price about the series and this newest album, which includes songs by both traditional country names as well as up-and-coming artists. She explained that adding young artists to the mix is a great way to spotlight newer talent, and discussed the difficulty of narrowing down tracks for the project. When choosing songs, she thinks of her own favorites, considers what they mean to her, and then what they might mean to others, Evans Price says.  She points to “Stubborn” by Lee Ann Womack: “That song, for example, is just so beautiful,” she says. Evans Price went on to explain why she feels the country genre is a good fit for her projects. “Country artists don’t always have the platform to express themselves and their beliefs – this is a great way to share their faith while celebrating the heart and soul of country music.”

    The new album should prove timely given the state of the country after the recent political election and a growing amount of unrest. “I hope people find hope in this album – the world is a wonderful but different place,” Evans Price says. “I hope they take a moment to stop and reflect. No one gets through life without some hurt – God is always with us and tomorrow will be a better day.”

    Country Faith Volume 2 will be available everywhere music is sold.  The Cracker Barrel family restaurant chain will feature an exclusive Country Faith Volume 2 in each of its 630 locations nationwide.  In addition to the 13-track standard release, the Cracker Barrel special edition will feature two bonus tracks – “God Sends a Train” by American Young and “Give Me Jesus” by Mo Pitney.

    The Country Faith brand expanded last summer to include a jewelry line and the first annual Country Faith Concert Series headlined by Scotty McCreery and RaeLynn. Evans Price says McCreery was the perfect fit for the first concert series because “he always stands so firmly in his faith.” This January, Time Life Music will feature Country Faith in a national television campaign for its new “Faith, Hope and Country” package featuring host Bill Cody. Evans Price says she is honored to be part of it, and her other future plans include expanding the 2017 concert series, a Country Faith America project featuring patriotic country songs, and a potential Christmas television program.

    Country Faith Volume 2 Track Listing

    1. Luke Bryan “Pray About Everything
    2. Michael Ray  “Real Men Love Jesus”
    3. Wade Hayes “What’s a Broken Heart For You
    4. Lee Ann Womack  “Stubborn” (Psalm 151)
    5. George Strait “I Saw God Today”
    6. Brad Paisley feat. Dolly Parton “When I Get Where I’m Going”
    7. John Michael Montgomery feat. Alison Krauss and Dan Tyminski “The Little Girl”
    8. Drew Baldridge  “Tractors Don’t Roll”
    9. Brooks & Dunn  “Believe”
    10. LeAnn Rimes  “I Need You”
    11. Phil Vassar “This is God”
    12. Wynonna “Live with Jesus”
    13. Shenandoah  “Hallelujah for the Cross”

    *Cracker Barrel Bonus Tracks:  American Young “God Sends a Train” and Mo Pitney  “Give Me Jesus”


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