Interview: Dean Alexander & The Voodoo Revival are Determined to Push Musical Boundaries


Dean Alexander took a moment to chat exclusively with us about his brand new music, his incredible bandmates, and what he likes to call a new funky brand of music, Quentin Tarantino meets Nashville. With building on a new sound, hopes to release an EP in the summer and planning a beautiful barn wedding for this September, this is certainly a year of new adventures for him. Keep reading to find out more about his personal brand of voodoo country.

Following a little voice in his head, Alexander moved to Nashville with dreams of being a singer-songwriter thirteen years ago. He hopped in his car and, with a hundred dollars in his pocket, hit Broadway. He eventually signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell Music but ultimately broke ties with the company. “I released a few things and things just didn’t work out, mainly because I had a different vision for myself and my music,” he says, “so now where I am at musically is pretty true to where I want to be and who I am.”

Joining his new band members Nick Buda, who has played all over the world and is a phenomenal drummer; Danny Myrick on bass; and Buck Johnson from Aerosmith, Alexander has created a new sound and a new brand of country music that he is thrilled to introduce to the world.”They just make you better,” he says of the band. “It is one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me to be able to play with them.”

When describing this unique new sound, the words ‘dark country’ and ‘voodoo’ are key to explaining it.  “My soul kind of drags in that dark spot that nobody talks about and musically it is coming through, I just try to add a fun twist,” he explains. “I lost my parents and my grandmother, all within a short time, at a very young age. All of that tragedy has been an important piece of my inspiration when I write music.”  Combining Americana, roots, rock and roll and of course a little bit country this new melody emerged.

The first single released from this project is “Pretty Little Cemetery,” a creepy, almost melancholy lyric with an upbeat demeanor.  Alexander co-wrote the song with Myrick. “I am a huge fan of Dwight Yoakam, how he takes sad lyrics and makes them into a happy melody, and that is just what I am trying to do,” he says. “Essentially take a piece of my soul, put heart into it and still make it fun and quirky and without completely depressing them.” He laughs.

“My band and I, we are trying to create something unique, music without boundaries. We discuss country music these days and he feels that music doesn’t have to have a wall or even a fence – it is beautiful how it is if it is done right. I just want the fans to hear it because we put so much of our heart and soul into this project and we are so excited to play it live.”

Make sure to catch Dean Alexander & the Voodoo Revival debut their new songs at 3rd and Lindsley this Monday night, March 21st at 7:00 PM. He tells us he wants to keep it a big surprise; however, he let us in on a secret: “All I can say is it is going to be a lot of fun, and expect some pretty special things to happen and special people may show up.”
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