Dean Brody’s Stunning “Time” is Worth a Listen


Dean Brody has developed a reputation as one of Canada’s most consistent hit-makers, as well as one of its premier artists in terms of putting out quality music. His releases have involved clever lyrical phraseology, and feature his knack for tapping into real-life aspects of storytelling. On his newest single, “Time,” Brody has taken his talents and attached them to a deeply emotional lyric, turning it into a home run.

What separates “Time” from the rest of Brody’s discography is the sheer weight it holds. While Brody has always been known for clever turns-of-phrase, or tuning into real human emotions, he’s rarely hit the level of depth and emotion evoked throughout “Time.” He blends his outstanding storytelling abilities with some of the finest ballad tendencies of the genre to make an absolutely heart-wrenching record about the value of every second we have. It’s the definition of a tear-jerker, and combined with Brody’s earnest performance and the tender acoustic production, it may just be the finest single to come out of Canada in years. Check it out here: