Demo of the Week: “Screw You” (Jordyn Shellhart)

screw you jordyn shellhart

Demo of the Week: “Screw You”

Writer: Jordyn Shellhart

Vibe: Sassy, clever

Key lyrics: “Now you want me back / Well I want you to back right out of my front yard, boy there’s nothing you can do / ‘Cuz you screwed me over to get over being screwed over by that girl with the butterfly tattoo / So screw you”

Could be a good fit for: Kacey Musgraves, Ashley Monroe, Kelsea Ballerini

X factor: Lyrically, the song could almost have a mournful/hurting emotional texture, but matched with uptempo, swinging banjo and quick rhythm, it makes for a song that could feel angry, but ends up being an “I’m calling you on – and very much over – your BS” anthem. Clever wordplay ices the cake on this gem.