Demo of the Week: “Call You Up” (Abe Stoklasa/Daniel Tashian)


Demo of The Week: “Call You Up”

Writers: Abe Stoklasa, Daniel Tashian

Vibe: Incredibly soulful and James Taylor-inspired, sonically

Key Lyrics: “I’m gonna call you up/ Ask you how you’re doing and how you’ve been living/ Laugh about the good ole days/ And the way that you wrecked my heart”

Could be a good fit for: Sam Palladio, Brett Eldredge, Charles Kelley

X Factor: Beautifully written lyrics are honest, heart-wrenching, and utterly relatable. The instrumentals and melody set the mood just right to make one feel peacefully nostalgic about a previous heartbreak. Most notably, though, Stoklasa’s vocals prove just how beautiful this song can be if it’s cut by the right artist.


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