Demo of the Week: “Last Man Standing” (Chris Gelbuda, Paul Moak)

Demo of the Week: “Last Man Standing”

Writers: Chris Gelbuda, Paul Moak

Vibe: Pensive, contemplative, melancholy

Key Lyrics: “Just got home from the road, to a mailbox full of wedding invitations and high school graduations / All my friends are moving on, I’m still out there on my own / Took that pile of mail, stuffed it in a drawer / Got in the car, drove to the bar / I breezed right through the door, and then it hit me / I got no one left to run with anymore.”

Could Be A Good Fit For: Brett Young, Sam Hunt, Eli Young Band, Lee Brice

X-Factor: The exquisite detail of the first verse previews the song’s central conflict – coming home to find that home doesn’t feel at all like it used to. Despite an obvious sadness, the lyrics’ overall message is one of self-awareness and hope, and the minimalist production accents the contemplative nature of the song.