Demo of the Week: “If We Never Go” (Brent Cobb, Aaron Raitiere)

Demo of the Week: “If We Never Go”

Written By: Brent Cobb, Aaron Raitiere

Vibe: Sweet, aspirational, courageous

Key Lyrics: It’s too dang bad your mom can’t come out for a hug / But you know how she gets with that broomstick on that rug / If we never go, we could never know, what’s beyond these county roads . . . Without chances plans don’t make no sense at all.

Could Be A Good Fit For: Trent Harmon, Russell Dickerson, Carly Pearce

X Factor: The lyrics present an especially smart take on the classic theme of leaving a hometown for somewhere unknown. The production never overwhelms, and the vocal style and harmonies offer prime duet potential.