Demo of the Week: “She’s a Keeper” (Emily Landis, Matt McVaney, Thomas Finchum)

Demo of the Week: “She’s a Keeper”

Writers: Emily Landis, Matt McVaney, Thomas Finchum

Vibe: Upbeat, celebratory, euphoric

Key Lyrics: “She’s a catch your breath can’t hardly breathe / Tie you down and set you free / You just know right when you need her, oh-ohh, yeah she’s a keeper.”

Could Be A Good Fit For: Thomas Rhett, James Barker Band, Jacob Davis

X-Factor: The echoing, pop-heavy production complements the fast-paced vocal delivery to create a catchy, victorious track that celebrates finding “the one.” Its message is simple, but the song is far from boring, and could easily be slipped into today’s radio rotation.