Don’t Know Devin Dawson Yet? “Dark Horse” Is The Perfect Introduction

Devin Dawson released the album art and track listing for his upcoming debut album, Dark Horse, today. The album will include current single “All On Me,” as well as “Secondhand Hurt” and “I Don’t Care Who Sees,” which the artist recently made available. Dark Horse comes out January 19.

The fourth track available now on streaming platforms or with pre-order is the title track, “Dark Horse.” For those new to Dawson, it’s the perfect introduction:

“People always ask why I wear black, where’d I get my style and why I never smile in pictures / they ask me what I drink, I sip on anything, but I’m a little more California smoke than liquor / No, it ain’t that I’m self conscious, I’m just conscious of myself,” he begins. The track is sparse and moody, with production that recalls Eric Church vibes (understandably, as Dawson is produced by Church’s collaborator Jay Joyce.)

Pre-order the album on iTunes and stream the song below: