Get Up And Dance: Storme Warren and Joe Denim Launch the Nashville House Concert Series

Nashville is welcoming you into its country music living room.  That’s the goal of the Nashville House Concert Series, co-hosted by Sirius XM radio host Storme Warren and singer/songwriter Joe Denim at the War Memorial Auditorium. The show will run on the first Thursday of every month from September to June. The first show, which will take place on Sept. 7, will feature country superstar Martina McBride.

“The whole model of the show is built around the live experience,” Warren says. “It’s really about showcasing what Music City has to offer in a very loose, very laid back, very comfortable setting.”

The super casual, laid back atmosphere is what makes this show different from anything else in town. Instead of a strict listening room environment, audience members will be encouraged to get up and dance, go grab a drink in the middle of a set, and might even get the chance to participate. An incredibly talented group of musicians, led by Denim, will serve as the house band.

“You’ll walk away feeling like you knew everybody on stage and seeing them in a light you’ve never seen them in,” says Joe Denim. “[Instead of a more formal setting] it’s more like you would just be meeting them in a living room.”

Locating the series at the historic War Memorial Auditorium was an integral choice in setting the tone for the show. As more historical buildings in Nashville are being torn down, the Nashville House Concert Series aims to honor the history of the building.

“It’s one of the city’s most hidden gems, and we want to bring attention to it,” Storme says, “I think the War Memorial is going end up to be as big of a star as the artists who are on the stage.”

The event will showcase a variety of performers falling into four general categories: Singer/Songwriters, Rising Newcomers, Iconic Legends, and the “X Factor” which could include comedians, magicians, and other entertainers outside of typical country fare.

Celebrating the spirit of Nashville, the War Memorial Auditorium itself and the incredible talents of the city will be at the forefront of the hosts’ minds as they kick off the Nashville House Concert series. “We want to show off the city,” says Denim.

For Warren and Denim, doing a show together is a dream that’s been years in the making. “Joe and I have been friends for a few years, and we’ve always been trying to find something to do together,” Warren says, “This is turned out to be the absolute perfect vehicle and opportunity.”

Tickets for the Sept 7 show can be purchased online or by calling (615) 782-4030.