Guns, Beer, & A James Dean Cutout: Watch CJ Solar’s Video for “Just Another Day In The Country”

CJ Solar released his video for “Just Another Day In The Country” today, an explosive barnyard bash as bombastic as the song itself. Written by Solar with Michael Hardy (his bassist, who appears in the video) and Jake Mitchell, the song follows Solar’s “Tall Boy” with a rocking energy and dirt road grit.

“I wrote ‘Just Another Day In The Country’ at my bass player’s camp house down in Mississippi where we go to hunt, fish and get off the grid,” Solar tells Rolling Stone. “We wanted to write a song about what we were doing – gettin’ out and having a good time in the country.”

The video, featuring Solar, his band, and his real-life friends, highlights just that: guns, beer, a cut-out James Dean, the Reagan/Bush nod. Watch below: