Hear Ben Danaher’s New Song “Jesus Can See You,” And Read The Hand-Annotated Lyric

Ben Danaher’s latest, “Jesus Can See You,” holds nothing back. “The cross on your neck, it proves that you pray,” he sings. Danaher’s voice is immensely expressive, and goes after the hypocritical subject of the lyrics with refined savagery.

“I was obviously in a super dramatic state with this breakup,” Danaher says. “As Josh [Grider], Drew [Kennedy] and I continued talking about it the intensity kept rising. I’m really glad that idea came the day I was scheduled to write with two of my best friends. They knew exactly what to do.”

The song is the first taste of Danaher’s upcoming album, Still Feel Lucky (you can pre-order on iTunes here).

“This song getting out is like getting to take a breath of air,” he continues. “I was so nervous, not because I don’t believe in this song, but because everyone is making such great music. I’m lucky to be sitting at the table again.”

Check out the annotated lyric sheet, and listen to “Jesus Can See You” below: