Hear Chris Bandi’s Pop-Leaning New Single “Gone Girl”

Chris Bandi, who recently impressed country fans with his debut single “Man Enough Now,” is back with his second single “Gone Girl.” While the former gives a more subtle nod toward Bandi’s pop influence, “Gone Girl” delightfully indulges in it, giving listeners a catchy tune made for playing on loop. With a showy, Maroon 5 vibe and a artful ringing of the guitar, Bandi executes an enjoyable blend of the country and pop worlds.

Penned by Bandi, Jason Massey, and Forest Whitehead, the song coincides with the sweet sentiment of Luke Bryan’s “Crash My Party”— he is willing to do anything for his loved one at the drop of a hat. “It’s just a song about that girl you can’t get enough of… no matter what you’re doing or where you are when she calls, you’re out the door on your way to her,” Bandi explains in a release. “No matter who I’m with, where I’m at,” he sings, “When you call, you get me gone girl.

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