Hear Emily Hackett’s Smart, Energetic “Joke”

It’s April Fool’s Day, which means you’re probably bracing yourself for the bevy of pranks unleashed your way. We’ve got the “Joke” you’ll want in your inbox: the smart, uptempo new song from Emily Hackett.

“”Joke” was a really fun song to write,” she says. “It actually started out as a riddle I heard. Tori (Tullier) is such a light to write with and she jumped on board right away. The song ended up being about a relationship, but as an independent writer and artist, the content definitely had some underlying messages for me about the fight and front you sometimes have to put up on this industry.”

The song is smart and lyrically tight, with a sarcastic streak that dances over an energized melody. Aside from co-writing the song, Hackett also did the majority of the vocal production on the track.

My husband is always heavily involved in that, but like the stud he is, he had to go work with Pink and Tom Douglas the afternoon we were set to work on vocals,” she says, “so he set me up and I tracked at least 30 different background vocal takes and parts by myself. It was so much fun! So that’s what you hear on those choruses–my freedom to get creative in a way I hadn’t done yet.”

“Joke” is a tease of what’s to come from the artist, who is currently working on her first full length album, produced by Davis Naish and collectively recorded at Sound Emporium, Gnome Studios, UMPG’s studio.

“This album has been a long time coming,” Hackett shares. “But I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The time that I took to get to this point allowed me to find my people, who I feel understood who I was an artist so well. A handful of the songs that we have been going into the studio with are songs that I’ve been playing live for fans for a few years now, only giving them life on stage, so I’m obviously thrilled to give them life in people’s headphones.”

Grab your free download of “Joke” here: