Hear Lee Ann Womack’s Stunning New Single “All the Trouble”

As Lee Ann Womack prepares to release her album The Lonely, The Lonesome, & The Gone this fall, she has given fans a first taste of the project with “All the Trouble.” The track begins a cappella, shining an audible spotlight on Womack’s flawless vocals. The powerful band adds punch as the song progresses, but even amidst the gritty guitar and gospel-esque backing vocals, Womack’s voice rightfully remains the star instrument.

While the lyrics detail hardships and trials, pleading for an end to troubled times, the chorus ultimately echoes Womack’s determination to reach the other side on her own. Womack and her husband, producer Frank Liddell, recorded the project in Nashville and Texas, and it’s due out on October 27.

Key Lyrics: “Hey I need a happy ending, somebody write me one / If there’s a prince waiting, somebody send him on / Even Cinderella had to find her own way home.”