Hear Levi Hummon’s Catchy, Much-Requested New Song “Stupid”

Go slow, be rational, take a relationship one step at a time? Not today. Levi Hummon embraces the crazy side of a relationship on his new song, “Stupid.” “I wanna be stupid, I don’t want things to make sense / I don’t wanna be right, don’t wanna move on, don’t wanna waste time, don’t wanna be strong / I wanna be reckless, and a little bit dangerous / Don’t wanna be shy, don’t wanna back down, don’t wanna be cool, don’t wanna be proud / I wanna be stupid, stupid, with you,” he sings.

The song is both uptempo and organic, with a catchy groove that begs repeat listens.

“This one is for every fan that requested I put this song out after every show,” Hummon shared on Instagram. The song follows the release of Hummon’s “Don’t Waste The Night,” out earlier this year.

Grab the song on iTunes and stream below: