Hear Sarah Anne’s Melancholy, Stirring “Tammy Wynette”

“I need to be with somebody who’s dying and crying like me,” Sarah Anne sings on her dynamic new single “Tammy Wynette.” It’s an emotive and tear-inducing slow-burner about a moment that’s all too familiar: putting a record on to cry to. “Tammy Wynette, sing to me one more time / You’ve got the remedy to put on my heart tonight,” she sings. “You are the only one who’d understand this hurt.

The song is simple and evocative, cutting to the quick of an emotional moment with vocals equally emotionally laden (you may recognize her voice from a former project, Stella James.) “Tammy Wynette” is as much a record to cry to as Sarah Anne proclaims its namesake to be, with a slow groove that murmurs melancholy.

Grab the song on iTunes or stream below: