Hidden Gem: Chris Stapleton’s “What Are You Listening To”


Yes, this song was released in July of last year. Yes, it peaked at #46 on US Country Airplay. But we’re a sucker for an amazing, well-written song, and for anyone that hasn’t yet heard this gem (or those who have and haven’t put in on lately), we feel it is absolutely worth re-sharing.

Chris Stapleton has long been an established songwriter, having penned #1 hits such as Kenny Chesney’s “Never Wanted Nothing More,” George Strait’s “Love’s Gonna Make It Alright,” Darius Rucker’s “Come Back Song,” and Luke Bryan’s “Drink A Beer.”

Aside from being an incredibly talented as a songwriter, Stapleton is a formidable artist. “What Are You Listening To” is a feat of both songwriting and performance, Stapleton’s soulful vocals conveying the highly emotional lyrics with Ray LaMontagne-esque grace. Lyrically too it’s a masterpiece, opening with the lines “I put that record on / girl, you know what song,” listening to the song he shared with an ex, bringing him to the chorus, “What are you listening to? … Is it something to get you through … Or is it a love song about someone new? / What are you listening to?” The images Stapleton presents are so vivid and poignant, and the presentation is flawless.

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