Hidden Gem: Erin Enderlin


When Miranda Lambert calls you a badass, you know you’re on the right track.

Not that artist and songwriter Erin Enderlin needs a cosign. Her writing credits include Lee Ann Womack’s hit single “Last Call,” Alan Jackson’s “Monday Morning Church,” Luke Bryan’s “You Don’t Know Jack,” and recent cuts with artists like Joey + Rory and Tyler Farr.

But Enderlin has been praised by some of country music’s greatest. “I love Erin Enderlin. She’s a great writer and singer and I’m always excited to hear her stuff,” Womack says. Merle Haggard and Jamey Johnson are also among her fans.

Enderlin’s writing is melodically and lyrically impressive, with a storytelling quality that’s clever, gripping, and timeless; while some music defines a moment or time, Enderlin’s are the songs that you discover at sixteen, riveted but not totally sure what they mean, and keep with you ’til sixty, when they ring well too true. It’s what allows both classics like Womack and Jackson and bro-country beacons like Bryan and Farr to find themselves in her songs.

She’s also absolutely masterful at strong country hooks that hit home. “As long as there’s whiskey, a song by Keith Whitley, and my baby loves somebody else, the blues are alive and well,” she sings on her 2011 eponymously titled EP. “I bet you’re in a bar, ’cause I’m always your last call,” ends the hook of the gorgeously image-laden “Last Call.” “If you think it’s just a bottle, in an old brown paper sack, you don’t know Jack,” closes the Bryan chorus. “I let her talk about the hotel room where she spent last night / let her talk about the married man and his soft green eyes / a careless drunk will show you pictures too / so baby, I let her talk about you,” she sings on the absolutely phenomenal “I Let Her Talk.”

With an unassuming attitude, killer vocals, and songwriting heavy with things to say and the perfect way to say them, Enderlin is a must-listen.

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