Hidden Gem: Jason Aldean and Bryan Adams’ “Heaven”

One of our favorite country artists and one of our favorite rock artists getting together to perform a personal favorite of mine, Bryan Adams’ “Heaven.” It had all the makings of a disappointment. Well, it wasn’t.

Just going off award show performances, Jason Aldean hasn’t exactly seemed like a stellar live vocalist, despite the acclaim his concerts receive. But this performance is fantastic, and by far the best live Aldean performance we have witnessed. Throw in the harmonies of Adams and you have a great vocal performance. Adam’s version is definitely a passionate one, something that is especially relevant as the song winds down. And, as much we love passion, Aldean’s more subtle and toned down performance is one that we find far more appropriate for this particular song.

As much as we love the original version, we much prefer the stripped down acoustic production as opposed to the rock sound, as good as it is. We find it much more fitting to the lyric, and the live element only helps that.

The lyric is a heartfelt one, certainly one of the better love songs we’ve heard. It feels genuine and authentic, rather than forced and awkward, and melodically it’s strong, with the melody holding the song together.

Some covers are disasters, and as we mentioned earlier, some seemingly promising duets are disasters. This one is not either of those things. It is a truly great cover, and a truly great duet.