• Hidden Gem: Maren Morris’ “I Wish I Was”



    Maren Morris has had an absolutely fire 2016, capped most recently by her nomination for the 2017 Grammy Awards for Best New Artist. Though hits like “My Church” and jam “80’s Mercedes” have brought the starlet to stardom, don’t overlook songs like “I Wish I Was,” which first appeared on her EP and stuck around for her debut album, Hero.

    “I Wish I Was,” written by Morris with Natalie Hemby and Ryan Hurd, the song is slow burning and sultry, showcasing her strength at digging into soulful groove that a Bonnie Raitt or Carole King fan will love. Lyrically, the song shines as well, presenting a bittersweet melancholy towards a love for which the protagonist just isn’t quite right.