The Eli Young Band Join Andy Grammer on “Honey, I’m Good”

The Eli Young Band joined Andy Grammer on “Honey, I’m Good,” the hoedown-feeling second single from Grammer’s latest album. The song, which conveys being around gorgeous women but preferring the woman the protagonist is committed to, hit #1 on Billboard’s Adult Top 40 chart.

“I always felt this song was country at its core,” Grammer told People. “Being in the studio with the Eli Young Band, I finally got to hear it come home.”

While it’s interesting to hear Mike Eli’s vocals on the track, not much changes in the remix, which allows only a brief moment for the harmonies to truly shine. Cross-genre collaborations seem to be becoming the norm, however; Zac Brown recently teamed with Avicii, and much lip service has been paid to the plethora of country-rap remixes released is the last couple years.