Interview: Brennin Is Making Music That Matters

Producer, songwriter, singer, and all around artist, Brennin has made a name for himself not just in Nashville, but across the country by touring and appearing on The Ellen Show, X Factor, and ABC’s Nashville. The musician recently had a cut on Vince Gill’s Down To My Last Bad Habit – called “I Can’t Do This” – perhaps contradictory, because he seems to be doing it all. “I wear a lot of different hats,” he says. He’s also in the middle of producing the country duo, Smithfield.

“I wouldn’t be an artist if I wasn’t a songwriter first,” he continues. But yet again, my earliest memories as a child were mimicking Michael Jackson. I’ve always wanted to be a performer, but I started writing songs when I was about 12. I transitioned from playing drums to guitar and was just trying to figure all of that artistry out.”

Country music has always been in Brennin’s blood. “I’m a third generation country artist,” he shares. “My grandmother and her sister had a duo in the forties. I have these really cool recordings of them on a radio station. Their dream was to go to the Grande Ole Opry, but they had kids and gave it up. My cousin and aunt had a duo in the 80’s, but then they had kids and gave it up. So I’m carrying the flag for the family.” Sonically, he compares himself to the preacher’s daughter who had to go crazy for a little bit before coming back home. “I love Michael Jackson, Vince Gill, to the Beatles to Fleetwood Mac to Brooks and Dunn,” he says. Brennin spent a lot of time rejecting country music and chasing the pop and rock scene before realizing where he really belonged.

After high school, Brennin recorded a couple of songs in Oklahoma City with his friend Paul. That decision to lay down a couple of tracks may have started the domino effect of launching him into his entire career. He says, “It was between LA and Nashville for me. I didn’t really know who I was as an artist yet. I met this lady named Barbara Hubbard and people call her Mother Hubbard. She’s actually celebrating her 90th birthday this July but she still works and promotes shows. My cousin gave her a copy of the demo and Barabra loved [it] and she booked me in front of the Bellamy Brothers in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She hadn’t even met me yet. She didn’t even know if I could sing live. We just had a phone conversation and that’s where it all started.”

Brennin’s new single, “Rip Off the Ripcord” featuring Vince Gill, brings awareness to domestic abuse. “Adam James, who I wrote the song with – we’ve been writing for about two and a half years now,” Brennin says. “It started as a breakup song. We had the first lines of the first verse. And Adam came with the line ‘It’s a two year version of a one night stand and a real good warning from his right hand.’ And I just had this rush from heaven, like chills in an eerie way.” 50% of all of the money earned from downloads of the song goes straight to the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA). They directly work with women and to be a voice for girls all around the world who are facing violence and racism.

Brennin isn’t just making music – he’s making music that matters. Purchasing his single directly impacts and helps improve not just the Nashville community, but the country. His humble roots and passion for music is evident throughout his entire career.

Connect with the artist on his website here.