James Dupré Shines on “Stoned To Death”

james dupre
Photo by Laura E. Partain

James Dupré recently released “Stoned To Death,” a lament that finds the protagonist in a prison of an ex-lover’s creation. Written by Jessi Alexander, Jeff Hyde, and Clint Daniels and produced by Jordan Lehning, the song bears the mark of Nashville, with a rich story describing a vivid emotional toll. “Here I am chained to this bar tab and doing my time in this dive, it’s my neon holding cell,” Dupré sings. 

Dupré’s vocal is strong and expressive on the song, which lands squarely between classic and contemporary, melancholic and fervid. Whether your heart’s pounding on its own prison bars or you’re seeking a new groove, Dupré’s “Stoned To Death” is a solid offering.