Jason Aldean Takes Backseat Role in “Tonight Looks Good On You” Video

Jason Aldean premiered his video for “Tonight Looks Good On You” today, the current single off Old Boots, New Dirt, which currently sits at #15 on radio. Directed by Mason Dixon, the video gives Aldean more of a backseat role, doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes so a man can spend more time with his family.

“This is kinda one of those things where the couple that’s in the video, I’m almost like a secondary person in the video, and so it’s more about them,” Aldean said.

“Basically, it’s … I work with a guy here in this factory and basically take over his shift for him so he can get home, take his wife out. I think the song is more about how he views her, so that’s what tells the story. I just sort of end up taking a backseat, singing to them throughout the video.”

It’s a refreshing and meaningful video, and a good look for Aldean.

“Tonight Looks Good On You” was written by Ashley Gorley, Dallas Davidson, and Rhett Akins – check out what Gorley had to say about the writing of the song here.