Jillian Jacqueline Is Poppy Perfection On Self-Titled EP

jillian jacqueline EP

Jillian Jacqueline released her self-titled EP today, a five-song collection of poppy uptempos and crisp mellower moments. The singer-songwriter, whose recent accomplishments include penning Vince Gill’s current single “Take Me Down,” leads the EP with “Prime” (video currently viewable on Nylon), a summer groove that’s ring pops and skateboards, blowing bubbles and drinking from bottles housed in paper bags. “Slacker” follows similarly, with a crunchy rock electric that bemoans a less-than-stellar man. “Finest Hour,” which closes the EP, has incredible groove, with a vocal soaked in casual confidence and passionate earnestness. “This could be my finest hour / not gonna wait for happily ever after,” she sings. It’s the companion to “Prime,” and reinforces the reminder to live it up – right now – because who knows, and more importantly, life’s too fun to not revel in. “Birds and the Bees” continues the vibe, in a more carnal sense:  “I can love you like a woman even though I’m not in love,” Jacqueline sings. “You want the apple from my tree / but I don’t need a diamond ring cause we ain’t no Adam, no Eve / it’s just the birds and the bees.”

In contrast, Jacqueline slows it down for “Kids These Days.” It’s an emotional look at expectations, and Jacqueline’s vocal is expressive and a bit wistful – perhaps we’re “driving our lives into the ground / cause we’re too busy chasing down ecstasy and expectations,” or perhaps it’s just that “that’s what they say about kids these days.” 

Throughout, Jacqueline expertly executes fresh melodies, with a vocal that’s at once crisp and creamy, smooth and singular. She’s spinning in a summer wind, and when she pauses to catch her breath, you pause too, reckoning with yourself and the world and eager to start spinning again.